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Carly here!

Have I ever made a herb drying rack? No. This is most likely attributed to the fact that I have never grown a herb. Every time I doll out $5.50 for a tiny packet of basil at the grocery store I tell myself I am going to try a herb garden. But then I get home from the grocery store and empty the groceries and I only have energy left for sitting on the couch, not studying herb garden tutorials.

If you’ve felt likewise, then look no further. I have found a tutorial for how to start a herb garden – click here for the really simple instructions (even organized by herb). It appears I am not too late because most herbs are planted in the early summer. I’ve heard that herb gardens are perfect for amateur gardeners (such as myself) because they are maintenance-free and take up very little space. In fact, a friend of mine grows hers in a large urn. Sounds simple enough!

For you experienced herb growers, try out this handy DIY from Magnolia Mom, Joanna Gaines. Her creative team put together this easy-to-follow tutorial on drying your herbs.


It’s so satisfying to see your garden grow and to be able to harvest your own veggies and herbs. Using homegrown, fresh ingredients in your family meals is such a treat. Herbs grow fairly quickly and abundantly- a lot of times much faster than we can use them. Watching them go to waste is upsetting, especially when preserving them is so simple, so we wanted to share with you another easy DIY that is both practical and pretty.
driedherb2Here’s what you’ll need:
– An old wooden plank
– Three (or more) drawer knobs
– Drill
– Jute twine
– Two eye hooks
– Fresh herbs
driedherb3– Look for fun and interesting drawer pulls. Antique stores, garage sales, and even online are all good places to start your search.
– Cut and sand your plank; this one measures 15″.
– Measure spacing between knobs and mark with a pencil.
– Drill holes on your pencil mark(s).
– Attach knobs to your plank.
– Screw eye hooks into the top of the plank on both sides.
– Thread jute twine through eye hooks and secure a knot.

driedherb4The best time to cut herbs for drying is just before they flower…


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