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The always resourceful Inspo contributor Regina Barker features a homemade version of one of her favorite “take-out” dishes. Check it out.

Herb + Hemp Seed Falafels

I love friday nights. It’s our “date night in” most weeks, and the night we spend catching up over a glass of wine with some easy food. Sometimes this means take-out from our favourite Lebanese restaurant down the road, but this week it’ll be my homemade version of our favourite take-out in the form of these mini falafels wrapped up in lettuce leaves and topped with cherry tomatoes, cucumber slices, hummus & tahini dressing.

If you’re looking for some easy homemade take-out food, here’s an idea to add to your list. These are easy to make, keep well in the fridge for a few days and are baked instead of fried, and full of fresh ingredients, making them a healthier alternative to the deep fried version! They are great for kids too, but be warned that they can get a little messy. Baked instead of deep fried also means they are a more crumbly than your typical falafel… there’s always a price, right?! Hah! 

I love serving these with my homemade creamy hummus or my bean free hummus. The bean free hummus recipe was posted when I first started blogging and while the pic is pretty awful, the recipe is awesome. I really promise! Ha. I love looking through some of my early recipes and laughing (slash cringing) at the photos. It reminds me of how great humble beginnings are (and still are!).

As always, I love seeing all your recreations. Please share them with me via InstagramFacebook and Twitter using #nyoutritious.

Also, please let me know your favourite homemade take-out foods if you have any!??

Herb + Hemp Seed Falafels
Herb + Hemp Seed Falafels



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