hi-five friday.

1. this book has been energizing my approach to motherhood. linking scripture to behavior issues, the raising of my children to the raising of His children, and the importance to always bring it back to Christ. all with some humor and some ridiculously cheesy “facts of life” moments.
2. i may just blog about this until may 1 comes around…
3. one of my favorite kid stores has been having a ridiculous sale. which has allowed me to score some mini a ture clothes and i am in love. the boys tops are cute, long, keep shape and quite soft. it just so happens that we have to pass by it everyday on our walk to school. jr’s green henley in a women’s small, please.
4. i keep trying to pull off red lipstick and bryon just gives me funny looks when i wear it. like can’t stop staring at my mouth while i’m talking with a confused look on his face. so i’ve decided to stick with my neutrals and continue using snob as my going-for-it look. maybe i’ll be a red lips kind of gal when i grow up.
5. i attended a beautiful birthday dinner for one of the first friends i made when moving to london. she is this bright, joyful, and tender gift that God sent my way however many months ago. like literally sat her right next to me with a massive smile at a women’s event that we both attended. anyways, we went to this ridiculously good vegetarian restaurant in hammersmith, you know, if you’re ever looking for a ridiculously good vegetarian restaurant in hammersmith. and we were all asked to share what we loved about the birthday girl. not to my surprise, this special birthday girl has been an honest-to-goodness gift sent from God to each of the women around the table. her smile, her welcomeness, servant heart, kindness, genuineness, good ole friendship. what a way to allow His story to be written…

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