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I am not hosting an Easter brunch or dinner this year, but I have in years past. And one thing I have learned about hosting holidays is that preparation takes DAYS! Especially if you want to include little touches (name cards, fresh flowers, etc.) to make your guests feel loved and cared for. I never realized all the care and energy that my own mother invested in holidays until I hosted one myself. It is exhausting! You almost need as much time to recover as you needed to prepare.

In fact, I need to crawl into a time machine and travel back to my childhood so I can erase any childish complaints about sitting at the “kids table” or teenage tendencies to disappear after the meal was over to avoid helping with dishes. Instead, I need to thank mom and be grateful to the holiday hosts in my life!

If you are hosting an Easter meal (or activity) this year, first of all take a long breath and lay down and rest. Then consider this advice from, who featured guest blogger Lindsay Kingdon on how to host an Easter brunch.


Host an Easter Brunch & Egg Hunt

Easter Brunch Feature

During Spring, my mind is filled with fond memories of Easter! Our traditions include going to church (in a brand new dress, of course) then meeting up with our extended family to celebrate the holiday. We all get together for a meal and an Easter egg hunt. It has always been one of my favorite holidays.

All of the women in my family are creative, and wonderful hostesses, and we take turns hosting everyone. We all truly enjoy opening our homes, paying attention to the details, and making a family gathering feel extra special.

Here are some steps to take when hosting a family-inspired Easter brunch.


Easter Brunch Table Setting


Plan the Menu

For a Spring-time brunch, it is best to go with lighter, seasonal fare. It’s beneficial to prep some food in advance. A welcome drink, such as a blood orange mimosa or sparkling mint lemonade, would be fitting for the occasion.

Brunch-appropriate, make-ahead menu items can include a green salad with berries, goat cheese, and nuts; an asparagus and parmesan frittata with crispy prosciutto; and carrot cake muffins. For dessert, try chocolate-covered strawberries or these festive cake pops!


Easter Brunch


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