How I Plan to Stay Sane on the Internet in 2015- Emily Freeman

emily freeman over at chatting at the sky is a lot of things that i admire. she is deep and thoughtful and eloquent and seems to never act out of impulse. i love reading her words because she differs so much from my “just make a decision and move on” tendencies, yet i feel i connect with her on so many levels as well. she wrote a beautiful manifesto as she recommits to keeping her voice alive in the blogworld though the blogworld may be changing. i know a lot of inspo readers are also writers, i think this is a beautiful challenge and call to keep doing what you do and identify how you want to do what you do.

thanks emily. pure joy knowing that you will continue filling this space in time with your beautiful words. from chatting at the sky

How I Plan to Stay Sane on the Internet in 2015

Over the past year or so, I’ve been listening to the low, rolling hum around the Internet. It comes in as a wave on the shore of the cyber beach every few years, depositing questions and doubt like flotsam after a storm. You’ve heard it, too: the whispered rumor that blogging is dead.

It’s an important conversation for those of us who read and write blogs. It feels a little like that first time we watched The Sixth Sense – wait, he was dead the whole time? How did I not see that?! There’s a little niggling in the back of my mind – Does all this still matter?




{words & photo courtesy of chatting at the sky}


  1. by Brandie on July 18, 2016  9:03 pm Reply

    Ya learn soehimtng new everyday. It's true I guess!

  2. by http://www./ on November 14, 2016  7:59 am Reply

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