How to Just Go For It- Kacey Lake


sometimes we so desire to do things. until the time comes to do them.

and they seem too hard or too uncomfortable. or not nearly as attractive as just not doing anything at all. and sometimes not doing anything at all can be a really good answer. but more times than not, doing the thing that we first wanted to do, but wary of as it approaches is a really good thing. it’s where growth happens. and the parts inside of us that don’t really like change and know that growing pains are coming? those are the parts that speak up as we get closer.

this weekend, i had to fight real hard against those parts. and just go for it. and i’m tucking some new tools and some growth into my toolkit. and this here, is a public service announcement for anyone who needs or wants to do the same. desire things. big & small. and then go for them. and don’t be deterred by what is telling you to stay put as you get closer. it will be better for all around you. because you’ll be better.

been there? would love to hear…!


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*i must be a mermaid, range. i have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living.* anais nin

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