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Carly here! There is nothing I appreciate more than a solid To-Do list before I start a task. This is simply, of course, because it delays actually beginning the task. (And since I am not a Type-A personality, I don’t even have to stress when I dismiss the list about two items down.)

When I ran across this blog post on Spring Cleaning, I thought “oh yes! I’ve heard people do that in the spring.” And now that I’ve reached my 30s, maybe I should embrace the responsibilities of most adults. But instead of starting with actual Spring Cleaning activities (you know, sweeping out the flower beds, washing windows, turning over the mattress…), Stacie from proposes beginning with a list.

I think “Lists” are an idea that speaks to everyone – if you are truly organized, a list helps you stay truly organized. And if you are like the other 75% of us, a list gives you a reason to procrastinate. (In fact, if you are so bad that you like to procrastinate from even making a list, you need to check out this post – “why procrastinators procrastinate.” You are not alone!)

Without further adieu, let the list-making commence! Simply Stacie says –


How to Organize Your Spring Cleaning

It’s that time of year again, Spring cleaning! Not too many people are happy about that, but they probably would like a neater home. Fortunately, if you organize your cleaning tasks, you’ll be able to get them done without tiring yourself out…or redoing them again and again.

Below are five steps to organize your spring cleaning so you’ll have a fresh and clean home without the headache!

1. Make a list of all the cleaning you need to do. If you’ve recently cleaned after the holidays, every room in your home may not need a deep spring cleaning. Decide what needs to be done in order for your house to be tidy and organized, and focus on these tasks only.

2. Schedule your cleaning to get it all done. Once you have a list of ‘to-dos’ for your spring cleaning, make yourself a schedule. Think about other commitments you have for the next two months, and assign time to straighten up your home around that.

One good suggestion is to print off a paper calendar for March, April, and/or May, and be specific with your scheduling. For example, if you have time on April 4th, write in exactly what you are going to tackle, such as declutter the hall closet or clean off the family desk.



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