How to Remove Lip Stain and Other Mothering Lessons

i have a lovely friend named meg. she used to be a neighbor and was certainly the kind of neighbor you would like to have- excitable greetings on walks, recycled their rainwater, grew things in her backyard. meg has a beautiful way of going about life. and the day after i almost removed my daughters’ skin trying to rid them of their play makeup, meg sent this little piece full of wisdom- like using vaseline to remove makeup. ah ha. thanks for sharing, meg. happy to share with the rest of you.

makeup little girl

from my friend meg…

How to Remove Lip Stain and other Mothering Lessons

1. Vaseline removes Mommy’s lip stain, depending on how long it’s been on the two year old’s lips/cheeks, smear on a thick glob and let it sit there for a few minutes. Wipe off and repeat. If all all else fails, take her to Church and have her show off her “fancy chapstick” and it will wear off in 24 hours.

2. If you’re going to take an hour long walk, bring raisins, water, chew toys, stop at a Starbucks along the way, and don’t wear flip flops. Your feet will thank you.

3. Don’t waste energy picking up toys throughout the day… wait until after dinner, have the kids help “clean up” and then finish the job after they are in bed. Otherwise, you’ll be picking up all day.

4. Run the dishwasher every evening. Ask your sweet husband to empty it before going to work every morning. That way you can fill it up as you go throughout the day. Otherwise, you’ll have dirty dishes everywhere. Which are (not surprisingly) invitations for year round fruit flies and ants.

5. Run your washing machine every morning. Put it in the dryer during naps. Sort & fold clothes after bed. Good luck getting them all put away before they get covered in dog hair or strewn about the family room floor. Repeat anyway.

6. Invite people over to your house on a regular (at least once a week) basis. That way you sweep, vacuum, and tidy up in the 45 minutes before they arrive (pretty much a guarantee that your house is somewhat cleaned a few times a month).

7. If you leave your two year old in her room alone with crayons, she will cover the walls with her “art.”

8. Put the sweet potato in the oven at 10. That way it is warm and ready to mash (and feed) the baby as soon as she wants lunch. If you wait until 11, she will scream her head off (cheerios will not satisfy).

9. Cook for 4, even though you are quite certain you’ll only be feeding 2 1/2. The kids eat more than you’d ever guess a 2.5 year old and 10 month old could. And if you happen to have any leftovers, they’ll be gone by lunch.

10. 9-15 month-olds will eat everything and anything. Keep at it, even when your 2.5 year old chipmunk-cheeks her brussel sprouts or holds potatoes in her mouth without chewing longer than you’d ever thought possible. Repeat after me, “chew and swallow.” And when necessary, use cheese as an incentive.

11. Smile. Your obstinate toddler will melt. She really does want to please you. (Despite that stubborn streak).

12. Work her through her shyness, even if it takes a few time outs. In less time that you could imagine, she will look strangers in the eye and say hello.

13. Get on the floor with your new-to-crawling baby. You are her best motivator and cheerleader. Plus, your toddler will follow suit.

14. Give more hugs and more kisses than glares and sharp words. The latter does nothing. The former covers a multitude of bad attitudes and gives you a chance to breathe.

15. Ask other young moms to pray for you. You’ll become a better mom.

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