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At first when I ran across this post about “taking travel home with you,” I assumed the post was about the top 10 recommended souvenirs. But once I realized this is more of a list of how to incorporate travel into your home decor than “favorite trinkets,” I felt inspired! Perhaps because I have four young children and “travel” isn’t penciled in on my regular calendar during this season of life. Or maybe because I do have a handful of places I’ve traveled that feel special to me and it would be worthwhile to incorporate those memories into my home decor. What are your thoughts? Travel blog site World of Wanderlust offers up some interesting suggestions-


Travel Home Decor

For more than a decade, ever since taking my first overseas trip, I have been obsessed with all things travel. I not only love being on an adventure, but also the planning phase, booking phase, and post-travel reminiscing that inevitably ensues after a grand adventure. Having lived out of a suitcase for a year, I decided this year that I would stop in between trips every few weeks or few months, and call some place home. But I also want my home to feel inspiring and reflect what I love – to travel – so I’ve been sourcing far and wide the best Travel Home Decor I can find to inspire my ongoing wanderlust. Here are my favourites so far…


Around the World Scents from Glasshouse Fragrances

What better way to reminisce on your favourite adventures than to fill your house or apartment with the scent of that place!? I love the sugary tones of “Coney Island”, but my favourite of the collection is “Tahaa”, a vanilla caramel scent reflecting French Polynesia. Bliss! See more at Glasshouse Fragrances.


City Maps from Mapiful

I’m a sucker for a visually aesthetic map, but I do tend to follow a “minimal colour” rule in my interior decorating, so I’ve found the solution in Mapiful city maps – simple, understated, elegant city maps for $60 with free worldwide shipping (I’m placing my order as we speak).


Word Prints from Emma Kate Co

The delightful Emma Kate (who is also a weekly contributor to WOW!) has some fantastic worldly inspiration in her collection of homemade prints. Being an adventurer herself, her work is heavily inspired by her globetrotting escapades and she in turn inspires me (and many others) in her short one-liners.


Travel Coffee Table Books

I recently shared my current favourite “travel coffee table books“, but the list is truly endless. Just this week I found another great book to add to the collection, Paris: An inspiring tour of the cities’ heart.


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