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My baby turns one this week. First birthdays are always a juxtaposition of feelings for me. One half of me reflects back longingly to those newborn days, and I think (sadly) about how fast time flew in the course of a year. The other half of me is jerked out of aforementioned nostagic feelings by a screech from an older sibling that “the baby is under the sink again!” This half would love for the one-person-wrecking ball stage to quickly wrap up and get on with it!

My baby, Parker, has three hobbies: finding wall outlets and trying to stick his fingers in them, eating tiny objects (preferably of choking-hazard size), and opening cabinets to ravage its contents. As you can tell, there just isn’t a lot of downtime to reminisce about that newborn baby smell or cuddles and coos on my shoulder. But today when I happened upon this blog post by Melissa Cole about “slowing down,” I reminded myself that Parker isn’t the only one who needs to slow down. I could use a pause button. And someday when Parker is asking to borrow the car to explore who-knows-what with his buddies, I will wish he was going no further than my kitchen sink.

Mommy blogger Melissa Cole writes-


It hits me every once in a while just how fast life is going & how I can’t do anything to slow it down. That would be a great super power, don’t ya think?! Oh what so many moms would do to rewind and live life with their (now big ones) little ones again. I bet they’d do things a little differently. I bet they’d love harder and forget the petty things that seemed so big in the moment. I bet they’d focus on spending more quality time with their kids than quality time with their floors. I bet they’d intentionally slow down their days and not get caught up in the “busyness” of life, because that busyness ultimately led them to where they are now- with grown kids wondering how on earth they got so big and where on earth the time went. Sure, time would have eventually caught up with them and they’d still wonder how it flew by so quickly- but I bet they’d have a different security and confidence in who they were as a mom, how they raised their kids, and ultimately who their kids are. Those regrets or “I wish” moments maybe wouldn’t be there.

These things have been on my mind so much lately. I don’t want to be that mom I just talked about- I want to look back someday and be able to say that I raised my kids as best as I knew how (don’t we all though?!!). I believe one of the key successes to living this out is intentionality. We need to be intentional about the decisions we are making every day as moms. Intentional about being patient, intentional about setting our phones down, intentional about speaking positivity into their lives, intentional about spending one-on-one time with them . It’s reminding ourselves about being intentional

I’m also realizing that in order to be intentional, I need to slow down.


{Photo of Melissa Cole, courtesy of her blog}


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