Kacey Lake- The LB Brand feature

my goodness. what a huge honor to be selected and then showcased by, jen, the empowering mastermind behind The LB brand. i began discussions with Jen over instagram last autumn and have been so touched & honored by the sense of community and camaraderie that she has created with her “style ambassador” program. i said it once (in the interview…) and i’ll say it again, the approach to using actual modern mothers & kiddos as models and social media as their main platform is so freaking cutting edge, it gives me chills. i love her vision and i love the innovation behind the brand. jen also shares some gut-wrenchingly honest words- that i’ve heard first hand HELPED someone in a similar experience- letters to her brother jesse, whom committed suicide last year.

all that to say, please check it out and show some love & support to the awesomeness that is LB brand.


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Check out the full feature and some other mama’s here!

And check out some LB brand apparel here.

AND AND, London mama’s, check out the amazing studio where we did our shoot here. And then take your kids there.

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  1. by megan stannard on January 26, 2015  12:15 pm Reply

    I COULDN'T LOVE THIS ANY MORE and your words!!!!!!!!!
    you are insanely beautiful and Jamesy is a model baby (especially that last pic). What a smokin' duo.

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