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Kacey Lake’s writing debut began as she wowed & wooed the ever tough, unswerving likes of the  13-20 year old female. Using cheap jewelry and clever words in her first job out of college with the global retailer Claire’s, she found her love for words and her love for speaking positivity into the lives of others. From there, she went on to develop an international curriculum that trained children to complete a 5k running & character development course for a global non-profit Kacey’s professional writing slowly transitioned to blogging which has now fully transitioned into more blogging and recycling others’ blogging.

There was a season that I tried to dampen down my think-on-the-bright-side-ness. Clearly, positivity was synonymous with naivety. And then? I think the combination of turning 30, constantly repeating “are those words building up or tearing down?” to my children, awakening to the beautiful global sisterhood that I am a part of, and experiencing a fresh hope & love & identity & purpose in Jesus Christ and POWER of the Holy Spirit, I decided to take positivity by the horns. The beautiful, strong, dangerous horns. And then I thought, what if all those ridiculously talented people who are using their voice for positivity, what if they all were in one place? And what if we were even louder when our voices were combined? If our sisterly voices were joined together to not just say no to injustice or yes to self-care or no to gender degradation or yes to love yes to laughter, what if we SHOWED it by living it and sharing it and taking up the space on the internet or in the coffee shop or workplace or even in the family that used to hold a negative word…what if we focused on the positive on the other side of the negative. Looking out for one another, applauding one another, using voice for our voiceless sisters, just enjoying life.

That was my vision. That is my vision. And I feel so honored to call it our vision.

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