lazy morning in chelsea

one of our favorite brunches in town is at aubaine. aubaine locations are scattered around london, but we usually frequent the chelsea location on brompton road. they have a massive table in the middle that serves well with little ones and a handful of highchairs available as well. and for those who need to know such things, the bathrooms are easily accessible (not always the case in london!) and big enough to help the littles. the decor is rustic and simple and impossibly-chic-french. we usually order 2 egg white omelets and 3 orders of decadent french toast. i won’t go into deets about who eats what or which adult orders the egg white omelette to appear healthy but so lovingly *helps* out the children with their meals…., but it’s a mish-mash of yumminess. as we prepare to leave, there is the question in beautiful harmonic preschooler voices: “can we go to the pink store?!”

the conran shop. aka as the *pink store.* the girls ask to go to this store on the daily. and by *the girls* i am emphatically included. the cutest toys, the chic-est furniture and the most addicting knick-knacks. the girls spend most of their time in the old school vw van turned little girls’ dream bed. complete with a retractable roof. and the little guy spends most of his time kissing the life-size mickey mouse. and the husband & i switch off watching the kids and fiddling with all of the gadgets, scheming over the ping-pong dining room table, and enjoying the creative inspirational surge.

if we ever need a fun birthday present or inspiration or just points with the kids, we head to the pink store.


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