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Carly here!

I think it would be a fair statement to put it out there that every gal needs a delicious spaghetti sauce. I am not talking about your favorite brand of can. I am referring to a tried-and-true, scrumptious, from-scratch marinara sauce. I like to save these types of recipes for company, but I am sure there are some of you that whip up a from-scratch marinara each and every time you pull out an Italian recipe. And, to you, I offer this yummy rendition. This comes from the kitchen of my friend, Katie. She was so sweet to include it in a recent post on her blog, Katie’s Kitchen. She is half-Italian, so she is only half-credible (I am teasing) but after trying this recipe you will give her 100% credit for an amazing version of a kitchen staple.

Katie says:

This is the best spaghetti sauce. My dad likes it even more than his own Italian mother’s sauce! My mom has developed it over her married life. Follow exactly how it’s listed and read my mom’s tips at the bottom. It’s amazing that my Norwegian/German mother has perfected this Italian spaghetti sauce. I love having this sauce in my freezer to pull out for any last-minute pasta dinner or to pour over chicken parmesan. Try to make it the day before and then heat it up again before you serve it. My blog has a lot of family favorites, but this may be number one for me. If it only could contain chocolate……..



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