Merry Christmas

editortoday our family boards a flight from london to chicago in anticipation to join extended family and many friends to celebrate christmas. we have a very excited household. but you know what has already been one of my favorite parts of christmas this year? having just watched the bible series on netflix, i have this vivid image of Jesus and Mary embedded in my mind. specifically, her face as the shepherds first showed up, hearing of His birth. humbled, overwhelmed, joyful, scared, aware. and i have found myself picturing it while singing christmas songs and aching in my heart as i try to fathom all that was wrapped up in the moment of his birth. tears so ready & willing.

if you can squeeze one more thing in this christmas, i can’t recommend this enough. take time out from the busy that we all  keep talking about, and put time into the rest. our rest because of His birth. His grace, His love, His sacrifice. check it out here.

merry christmas to you & yours. til january… xx


{photo courtesy of Christian Post}


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