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i somehow clicked over to this blog and haven’t been able to click back off. ashley is a lifestyle + food blogger, vegan, natural living enthusiast and she literally looks like a ray of sunshine. this particular post focuses on loads of self care and specific recipes & rituals towards taking care of yourself. i am especially a fan of her pamper routine with the hair & facial mask. i am a big fan of friday night happy hour. which in my world is much less meeting after work for drinks and fully putting on a facial mask and kicking up my feet after the kids go to bed. i WILL be trying her ideas in my happy hour this weekend.

thanks for sharing, ashley. i, for one, feel better already. from rae of sunshine.

a month of sunshine

Month of Sunshine: Fall in Love with Yourself

November 3, 2014

Happy Monday Sunshines!

I am so excited for today because 1) it’s the first week of November which means we’re getting one week closer to Christmas (I love Christmas) and 2) it’s the first week of the Month of Sunshine!

Just to re-cap, the Month of Sunshine is an entire month dedicated to the four pillars of a Sunshine Life: love and respect to yourself, to others, to animals and to the Earth. Each week we’re going to explore one element at a time together here and on Instagram. I invite you to participate with me on Instagram by hashtagging your photos with #monthofsunshine and #mysunshinelife. Let’s create a beautiful community of light, love and Sunshine together!

Today, we’re starting with the first component of a Sunshine Life: love and respect to yourself. We’re often taught that it’s selfish to care about our own feelings, our own needs, our own desires and our own wants and I’m here to tell you – that’s bollocks!

We all lead busy lives and sometimes it’s difficult to fit self-care into our busy weeks. I want to share some of my favourite tips with you today, please feel free to adopt them into your own self-love regime…


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