impromptu date

there was about 1 hour between her finished appointment and the bedtime she promised the kids she would be home for. and between his work day and his monday night basketball game. they found a central meeting spot…
sushi shop 10 min?
he was there waiting. she crossed the bustling south kensington intersections and ran up to him. in the rain. feeling much more audrey hepburn than she should’ve…
him in his suit and her in the floppy wide-brimmed hat that for some reason makes him laugh. but just a little bit, he says. …every single time…
and there they sat at the communal sushi table. with the italian mom & her son and the young lady who literally sent everything that came out back to the kitchen. buses, rain, commuters were the backdrop and the background. they sat right in the corner with floor to ceiling windows all around. and the magical london dusk? the dimly lit inside made it all look and feel even more magical.
he told her about his day, who he had lunch with, some interesting hires he was looking to make, his upcoming travel schedule.
and she told him about their little boy’s new judo class. judogym. and how he charmed the burly british martial arts men. and how their daughters glowed when she picked them up from school. and her eldest talked the whole scooter ride home. and her current word is “stinky.” and she thinks it’s hilarious every single time she inappropriately or nonsensically uses it. and how their little middle love, the one who loves to surprise them? she has been exhibiting empathy like it’s her JOB lately. and it’s the most heartwarming thing.
and i suspect that the day also included some fits, some rushing in one door and out of the next, some short fuses and some other things that come with life with really little ones. but in this recap? they were forgotten. the lens was a positive one. a recharged one.
because she couldn’t wait to get back and hold them and kiss them. and be the one to put them to sleep.
sometimes the best thing for a mummy is just time talking with daddy.

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