sister-sister at the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland

scene: opening weekend of winter wonderland at hyde park. we’ve put 3 layers of clothing on 3 little kids, loaded them into a tandem stroller & ergo carrier, hopped on a 30-minute bus ride to go less than 2 miles. we are meeting friends at santa’s grotto, which is a lot less “oh yeah, just right at the main entrance” than it sounds. we locate friends, spend a bazillion pounds on tokens for rides and spend the next 2 hours laughing, panicking, looking, awwwwwwe-ing, and making a wonderful wonderland memory.
fallon’s friend james invited her to go on the giant inflatable slide. now, giant inflatable slide? think bigger. and bigger. and bigger. aptly named, “ski jump.” our best guess was 50 feet high. so we sorted tokens, swapped around kids and the moms stayed with the babies while james, fal & (never backdown) sav got in line with the dads for the ski jump.
there was a 5 minute or so running clock and they allowed a mob of kids in at a time to get as many climbs and slides down as possible. the whistle blew and fallon and james scaled the icy (nylon) mountain side. step by step up to the tippity top of the mountain. at the top, they both jumped high and landed down on their bums as they flew down the slide, squealing with delight. ready for another round.
enter savvy. “fal, can you help savvy get up to the top so she can take a turn too?” “sure, c’mon sav!”
and what happened next has been replaying in my head over and over and over again like wayne wonder “no letting go” when bryon & i first started dating. big sister helped little sister climb each and every step of that mountain. right by her side.
and the climbing area really only had room for 2 bodies across, so at all times there were about 4 kids on their heels, trying to get around or over or thru these connected sisters. and the other kids would squeeze by and slide down. and then again. and then again. savvy was about 3 years younger and 30 lbs lighter than every other child on the mountain. slow & steady is an understatement. i kept waiting for someone to fall or for her to give up or to see bryon being called to save the day. nope.
and fallon never left her side.
and i wasn’t up there, but knowing fallon and knowing their relationship, i’m certain it was a lot of “you got it, sav!” and “look out, i’m helping my sister” and “good job, yep, just step right there.” savvy comfortably and faithfully chugging along with fal. even at the top, fal helped her find a spot clear for her to slide. and before any of us knew it, savvy jumped, bounced, and flew down the mountain. fallon following close behind.
and i feel so blessed to have witnessed this situation. and i can stand to learn so much from this situation.
there wasn’t care about who was annoyed that they were taking a long time.
there wasn’t concern about what the other people must think about them.
there wasn’t even acknowledgement or realization that a sacrifice of turns was made.
there wasn’t impatience.
there wasn’t “what do i get out of this?”
there wasn’t even a hint of pride or martyrdom.
there was a love for her sister/friend/fellow girl. there was a task that she was asked to do. and there was a pure heart.
and i think on the desires that God has placed in my heart, the lives He has placed in front of me, the bigger dreams that always seem to surface. and i’m fervently seeking this approach that has been exemplified in front of me by my 4 year old. this simple, serving way of going thru life. the unintentional tunnel vision that occurs on the steep steps- with people all around, trying to get in front or push you down or tamper with what you are trying to accomplish. that unintentional tunnel vision because you are so focused on what has been asked of you and the love that pours out naturally because you just love that much.
it was sisterly love at it’s finest. and out of the thousands of people there that night, bry & i had the best seats in the house. and in this case, it ended with a long stroller ride home candy cane in one hand, cotton candy in the other. tis sweet to be so sweet.

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  1. by meganstannard on December 1, 2013  12:52 pm Reply

    Incredible! This makes me so happy! And the picture of them coming down the slide is just so great for so many reason being that I can only image how great savvy's facial expression was coming down and another being the kid in the bottom right corner who seems to have mastered his own technique in keeping himself streamline!

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