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i was given the unique privilege to be a part of the LB brand ambassador family for the autumn/winter 2014. part of that privilege? has been meeting jen, the founder of the LB brand, and so many other likeminded ambassador mamas who seem to share interests like style, comfort, motherhood, and a free spirit. one of those mama’s is the ridiculously adorable marcia over at not so mumsy. recently, she did a beautiful interview with jen, (again) the founder. and it is worth a read. jen’s vision to empower moms & kids across the world to represent her brand -as opposed to hired models- is inspiring and so very forward-thinking. and it’s so true to who she is and what she desires. oh yeah, and the clothes are ridiculously rad. i have a feature coming up on the lb brand blog soon, here’s a sneak peak…


and here is the moving interview between marcia and jen from not so mumsy



Jen Roberts is one inspiring mama. Not only is the New Orleans based mother the force behind Little Boogaweezin– a globally successful lifestyle brand for the modern mama & child, but along the way she has single handedly created a global community of like-mided women through LB Style Ambassador roles.

Through the LB Brand I have connected with some of my favourite people on the planet and forged real, life-long friendships with women I would probably have never met otherwise. I love everything this brand represents, from the comradery and support of the LB community to the signature slogans and tag-lines, in particular the PROTECTOR. LOVER. MOTHER  & MILK DRUNK styles. The fact this brand resonates with so many modern mamas, from all walks of life and corners of the globe, speaks volumes about this lady’s talent.

I had the pleasure of meeting Jen and her 3 year old son Dylan in New York on a stifling summer’s day – behind this entrepreneurial talent lies the most genuine, down to earth soul, and I knew then I had to share her story.


What was your life like pre-baby? 

I’ve done a lot of things. From creating and opening Philadelphia’s first luxury pet hotel, to bartending, to being a personal assistant. Since I was a little girl I’ve always had the drive to do my own thing…

READ ON and see more of her gorgeous pictures HERE!

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