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the beautiful brain behind not so mumsy has kicked off a fabulous series: MUMSPIRATION. shining the spotlight on some very deserving (and often overlooked) ladies- moms. mums. mamas. and she has featured a mom that i have recently struck up a lovely IG friendship with- the gorgeous shalice noel. shalice rocks instagram fashions & inspiring words to 22k+ followers, but more importantly she is raising 4 small children in chicago. homeschooling along the way. bravo, shalice. thank you for your bravery and openness and impeccable style. i was so excited to read more about what makes this female tick, i know you will love it as well…

from not so mumsy…




The MUMSPIRATION series is up and running! Alongside celebrity interviews I look forward to introducing to you to a selection of inspiring mamas who are doing fabulous things. From the lust worthy style of the “insta-famous” to those making waves in business and charity, to the every-day mother who has a story of resilience that needs to be shared. This is about celebrating and empowering mothers across the globe! 

First up is  my long time insta-crush Shalice Noel. Not only is the thrift-shop-loving, Chicago based beauty, the super-styling queen of the ripped jean, she is also a home schooling mother of four!! Yep, that bod birthed FOUR babes!  Just how she even manages to brush her hair in the morning is beyond me, yet every day she casually pulls together an effortlessly chic ensemble inspiring twenty-two thousand Instagram followers, then switches into teacher mode and schools her own children! So let’s get to know the lady behind those stems…  Follow her @shalicenoel and blog HERE.


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