My Spring 2015 Capsule Wardrobe- un-fancy

i’m really pregnant right now. and isn’t so easy to know exactly how we will do things when we are no longer pregnant? or when the next season of life starts. or when we move. or when things slow down. or when we have more time…. ok, well i know just how i would like to approach my wardrobe and my shopping habits once i no longer have a watermelon sticking out my front side…

not making emotional shopping decisions as i’m out & about. not making decisions first thing in the vulnerable morning as i get dressed and set up my mood and self-talk for the day. not living with more, more, more but embracing less- less space, less stuff, less absorption with my appearance.

i love caroline‘s approach and style. ok, and her wit, minimalist nature, and cuteness. and it inspires me to approach the next season with a fresh perspective and a new resolve. check out her spring capsule wardrobe, i think you’ll love it too. oh, and she has a brilliant “capsule wardrobe” explanation in a link in her write-up. postpartum, i’m coming for you capsule-style.

from un-fancy:


Hooray, spring is here! Which can only mean one thing — spring capsule wardrobe time!

Pssst … here’s a refresher course on capsule wardrobes, just in case you want to brush up. 

In this post, we’ll be chatting about my process of putting it all together + my budget + what I ended up with + finally, where you can shop for each piece.


Disclaimer: Honesty is awesome, so I chat numbers and dollars in this post. I trust you’ll honor my honesty. Just so we’re clear, everything written here is based on my personal experiences + opinions. Not everything I say here will work for you, but I have faith that you’ll take the information presented  and apply some of it to your own wardrobe in a new and creative way.


I had a bit of a rocky start this time around — mostly because…


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  1. by Margaretta on July 18, 2016  9:14 pm Reply

    That insghit's just what I've been looking for. Thanks!

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