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have you seen this #mydadthefeminist ? love it.
i have never ever thought of my own dad as a feminist before, but upon reading about this movement and some of the excerpts, i am reconsidering. my dad? has filled me with so much love and belief and an indescribable desire to grow- especially as i observe him in my older age. i see him still hungry, still growing, and still seeking the Lord in the quiet hours of the morning. and also as i  come into my own skin a little more and appreciate the confidence he helped instill in there with his constant love & support. giving me such a beautiful beginning of the picture of the love of my heavenly Father.
#mydadthefeminist – what a beautiful movement, supporting the men that support the women.
from the always-on-it, elle uk:




Open up a copy of the December issue (on sale 30 October), and it sees the stars paying tribute to the first man in their lives – with why he too, is a feminist.

We’ve followed suit, and now you can too.

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“Tony Butler: the man whose loving and sensitve nature taught me to believe in myself and believe that whatever happens is entirely within my own grasp” #mydadthefeminist

Lorraine Candy, Editor-in-Chief, @LorraineELLE


{article & photo courtesy of ElleUk.com}

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