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Carly here! I love running across inspiration such as this post from Design for Mankind on her child’s bedroom design. Thankfully, my children aren’t old enough to hop on the Internet and see the potential for children’s bedrooms these days. Let’s keep their expectations low. But for those of you who may be redoing a children’s bedroom or searching for unique play space pieces, this collaboration between Land of Nod and Design for Mankind’s Erin Loechner will get your creative juices flowing!

Bee’s New Room

I’m the youngest of three girls. Here’s what that meant, for me, when I was smaller: (1) I wore Guess jeans six years after they were cool, (2) My baby book lies empty (save for a few strands of blonde locks that I placed in the tiny designated envelope when I was in junior high shortly after lamenting that my mother was too busy to mother me, so I’d need to fill out my own baby book and mother myself – to which I never did, which is a true testament to how boring baby books are, in that you can’t even complete one’s own – but I’m getting away from myself now), and (3) I slept in the nursery until I was 10.

The walls were pale blue and the carpet shaggy red and there was a Winnie the Pooh wallpaper border that was repeated over and over, close to the ceiling, until it stopped short over the closet with just half of Piglet…

And so, I suppose, this memory is what I was conjuring as I declared to Bee, one month ago over eggs, that she would soon receive A Big Girl Room of her own.

And so, I suppose, this memory is what I was conjuring as she declared to me, one month ago over eggs, that she would very much love to receive A Big Girl Room of her own, and that I was “The best mother in the entire planetarium!!!”

Star curtains, it was.




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