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i’m always intrigued by experiments and research about the complicated relationship between women and their bodies. i like that it normalizes the notion that it’s ok to have that complicated relationship and helps alleviate any shame that might try to sneak its way in. kind of puts us all in the same boat.

this project where women draw their own boobs shows a wide range of perspectives from appreciation to self-deprecation to humor to boldness. i especially enjoyed the acceptance and joy shared around so personal of a body part. and i was pleasantly surprised at the overall positive tone of the message.

so, in conclusion. as women, we have very unique looking boobs, very unique approaches to our boobs, and a fairly united complicated relationship with these beautiful bodies of ours. and could always stand to encourage one another on in that department. “nice boobs, girlfriend.”

from The Cut by NY mag

New York Women Draw Their Own Boobs


In this special Pretty Hurts series, the Cut explores women’s complicated relationships to beauty standards and the efforts required to meet them.

Nora Ephron didn’t just feel bad about her neck. She called breasts, or her lack of them, “the hang-up of my life.” In a 1972 Esquire essay, she wrote, “If I had had them, I would have been a completely different person. I honestly believe that.”

To find out how women see their own breasts, the Cut polled 57 New York women, ages 17 to 72 (plus one 4-year-old who grabbed the marker from her mom) and asked them to draw their boobs and write one sentence explaining how they feel about them. In cafés and bars, on playground benches and on the way to work, women laughed when they heard the question, disparaged their drawing abilities, and gave it a shot.


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    “nice boobs, girlfriend"

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