Nobody’s Cuter Than You – by Melanie Shankle


Carly here!

Last month on Inspo, I did an interview with Melanie Shankle about her upcoming book on friendship called “Nobody’s Cuter Than You.” Consider this your PSA that the book is officially for sale!

The release date was yesterday, and Melanie wrote about it on her blog. You will need to check out her post, if for no other reason than to admire the ’80s and ’90s fashion that was front and center in some pictures she posted of “days gone by” with her best friend. (It really is awe inspiring.)

The title comes from something Gulley and I say to each other when we’re having a bad day. It doesn’t matter if it’s true or not, but it’s just become our shorthand way of saying, “I’m your biggest fan” and there are all days when we need our biggest fan to make us feel better about ourselves and life and all that goes with those things.

(I also briefly debated calling it “Chicken In The Bed” which is another thing Gulley and I say to specify a day that would be nice to sit around and do nothing together, but that title doesn’t exactly suggest a book about friends as much as life on a poultry farm.)


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