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we are massive porridge fans over here. like, when my eldest has had a long day and can’t quite put into words that she is tired or emotional, she asks for a bowl of porridge. so, naturally, i did a 32 week pregnant back flip when i saw regina posted an even healthier porridge that is sure to be tasty and get even more good stuff in the bodies of me and my little people.

from Nyoutritious:

Nutritious Winter Porridge


Cold winter mornings call for hot bowls of creamy porridge. This porridge, that I so creatively dubbed Nutritious Winter Porridge, has been a total hit in our home this winter season and is so much creamier and nutritious than regular porridge made on just water (or milk) and oats. I love that my son loves this for breakfast, especially since it is full of plant based omega 3 & 6 fats, calcium, protein and iron, all of which are key nutrients needed for healthy energy and growth. It can be difficult when children go through phases of being picky with their food and since my son doesn’t have much dairy, I make sure he gets enough calcium from plant based sources, such as chia seeds and almonds. I try my best getting him to drink some of my green smoothies, but he just ain’t budging. Yet. Ha! 

So where’s the calcium? As I explained in my recent post on plant based calcium, chia seeds, almonds and even cinnamon are all good sources of plant based calcium. Even better, these are also full of satisfying fibre, protein and healthy fats, all of which promote a healthy digestive system and keep you full all throughout the morning. And as far as the toppings, you can add any of your favourite nuts/seeds and fruit (stewed, dried or fresh) and change it with the seasons to keep it interesting. Grated apple is super delicious as well and is perfect for coming into Spring…


{photo & words courtesy of Nyoutritious}

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