Ordinary Work- Sarah Bessey

this piece by sarah bessey resonates so deeply and puts confusion into words in such a new way.
check it out:

Ordinary Work

Ordinary Work: Sarah Bessey

I simply get to work on ordinary things.

This is all I know to do when I don’t know what to do.

We go for a walk in the morning’s cold. We pay attention to the snow dusting the tops of the mountains to the north and to the east of us: look at that, we say, isn’t it beautiful? We pass a bit of time with neighbours as we run into them. We can see our breath and our ears are cold so we turn for home sooner than we planned. We listen to music and we draw pictures…

…I don’t know what to pray and I don’t really know what to do.

The world seems like it’s crashing around us, from all four corners of the world and right next door, too. We are afraid and we don’t know what to do so we are reading the news and watching the news…


{words & photo courtesy of SarahBessey.com}

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