#PartyPartyApp- A Beautiful Mess

their photo editing app is one of my fav’s. must check this one out! from A Beautiful Mess:


Party Party App is hereWe’re kind of flipping out today!! Our new app, Party Party, is in the iOS App Store! We’ve been sharing sneak peeks on Instagram for the past few days, but it’s finally approved and available. So excited!

We’ve been working on this for almost a year now, which is crazy to think about. We came up with the idea of creating a photo booth app while having lunch on a patio one day last summer. The idea quickly grew when we thought it would be fun to layer the photo booth images, creating stop-motion videos and .gifs! That quickly became our favorite part of the app. We’ve spent the last few months testing the app. Our phones are filled with…

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{Photo, post (& app!) courtesy of ABeautifulMess.com}

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