pro make-up?

today we had a play date with a new friend & mom from montessori school. recent transplants from ukraine by means of los angeles and then on to london. while the girls played, we drank green juice and talked about education methods and parenting techniques. and the idea of raising empowered and free spirited children, entrepreneurs, artists …and just connected on all sorts of great levels. levels that you look back on the day and think wow, that’s a pretty deep desire we have in common.
the girls came out of the bedroom with their faces FULL of blue, green and pink makeup. and glitter from the top of their heads to their fingertips. beaming. literally. if you would have asked me a year ago, heck, a handful of months ago, if i was ok with my littles dabbling with makeup, you would’ve received a resounding no.

but i kind of loved it. i loved the exploration, expression, sisterhood and the desire to care for their little bodies. now i feel a necessary “focus on the inside” and “i am not pro toddlers in tiaras” and of course “a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised” and “every once in awhile” are all in order.

but i’m struck how much it is a parallel to the same freedom & love that i have recently experienced…
i cared too much and then it bothered me. then i tried too hard not to care at all and couldn’t not and that bothered me. preaching self-love but trying to force what that self looked like. defeat, guilt. and then? i am realizing that God created me in His image and part of that image includes the desire to take care of myself. and when i think healthy on those things, that is loving the way that God created me to be. not stifling but utilizing. not idolizing but also not idolizing not idolizing. 
make sense? all i know it has all sorts of love & freedom wrapped up in it for me. the kind of love & freedom that feels like too good of a gift NOT to share. the kind of gift that seems to cover over all of the other junk and nasty self-talk that tries to sneak its way in there. and if there is ever a moment that i hear of a sister who is feeling bad about herself, it makes me want to whisper Jesus name into her ear. to share the gift that i have gotten a delicious taste of, not because it’s something i’ve figured out but because that feeling of love & delight, well it’s life-giving. better and more possible than figuring it all out. and in that love, there is no room for self-hate or insufficiency or even the need to stifle. and THAT is something to believe in and welcome with open arms. found in His love story, i might be starting to get it!
any thoughts on allowing our daughters to play with makeup? dress up like princesses? or do your own rendition of eating well, exercising, putting yourself together?

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