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there is brand new FREE digital magazine that should be in your hands! er, well, on your computer screen. it’s called PROPEL and it’s from the beautiful brain & ambition of team christine caine. the magazine is jammed full of wisdom and stories and ideas shared by women who are leaders in some sort of capacity. leader, huh? a leader is defined by oxford dictionary as “the person who commands a group.” mom? friend? sister? manager? chances are there is a group that looks to you for some sort of leadership. which means you ARE a leader. and which also means there is probably something in this magazine that can help empower you in that role.

so this here, is a reminder to CLAIM the leadership that has been entrusted to you. and if you want, CHECK out a cutting edge, free resource that can hopefully help you to do just that.

just subscribe here and it will be emailed to you.

this is not a paid advertisement, i just love leadership and love initiative and think this magazine is top notch.

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