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Autumn is in full force. I don’t know what your surroundings are, but the trees in London are a tie-dye of orange, yellow, red and green! And a run through the canopy trees in Hyde Park yesterday left me absolutely breathless. I featured that post on Hygge the other day- all things cosy and warm- and my body is officially in curling up and settling in. Leave it to my dear friend Regina at Nyoutritious to come up with a perfect, healthy recipe to fully embrace fall flavours. I particularly enjoy my batch with a warm cup of tea around mid-day.

From Nyoutritious:

Pumpkin Spice Oat Scones


pumpkin scones 2

I absolutely adore winter squash (in some countries known as pumpkin) and roast at least one every week this time of year. They’re delicious in curries, stews, on salads, blended into soups and, of course, in baked goods, where they add a rich sweetness along with great nutrition.

Nutritionally, winter squash offers antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-diabetic benefits, and have also been found to help promote good heart health. The simplest way to prepare winter squash is by roasting them in the oven. I love this method as I hate spending time peeling the squash beforehand. I simply cut the squash in half, and put it straight into the oven and roast it for 30-40 minutes until it’s soft enough. Then I scoop out the seeds using a spoon, and cut the flesh into cubes, or, in this case, scoop it straight into a blender.

Winter squash are, however, one of the vegetables you may want to prioritise buying organic, as recent agricultural research have shown that winter squash are particularly good at absorbing unwanted contaminants from the soil. So much so that they are being used as an intercrop to get rid of soil contaminants in order to prepare and “clean” the soil for future crops! (yikes). Right now, farmers markets are bursting with all sorts of varieties of winter squash, making it super easy and affordable to stock up on some amazing organic squash.

These oat scones are incredibly easy and quick to make and make a great breakfast or mid morning snack. Sweetened with only dates, they are satisfying and nutritious and, being nut free, make a great lunch box goodie for kids…


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