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kacey here.

i was on a flight recently from budapest to london. a fairly easy 2 hr flight. this particular flight, however, was made not so easy with numerous delays and severe disorganization by the airlines. thankfully, i was traveling without children which anyone who travels with children knows, feels like a vacation in and of itself. anyways, this is all to say that the guy sitting next to me for the total 4 hours while we sat on the plane…he just sat there the entire time. no book, no phone, no music, no magazine. he was a man in his 30’s from Israel. do you think you could sit there in your own head for that long?

me? i love getting lost in a book….


americana by chimamanda ngozi adichie: this one had me captivated from start to finish. it is a mix of great story-line, intelligent narrative and culturally educational. i’m so sad it is over and can’t recommend it enough. the protagonist is ifemelu- a nigerian female who emigrates to america and writes a blog about race in america and then relocates back to nigeria.

i often wondered how much i was learning about ifemelu and how much i was learning about chimamanda- the author. either way, you can’t help but love her. and want to know her more. the book expanded my knowledge about race in america, life in nigeria, and perspective from someone in nigeria about america. all while digesting an addictively beautiful story.

the miniaturist

the miniaturist by jessie burton: my really intelligent friend just texted me “just started ‘the miniaturist,’ have you read it?”

which meant i promptly added “the miniaturist” to my reading list. it is one that doesn’t exactly fall in line with my typical genre (1600s amsterdam…) but i fully expect will run away with me. it promises to be “haunting, magical, and full of surprises.” i will check back in on this one…


me…jane by patrick mcdonnell: oh this book. i just ordered it for my children and i am eagerly awaiting amazon prime to make its (next day) delivery. this story speaks of the early years of jane goodall and how the seeds of adventure & love when she was young grew into a life of passion and purpose and pioneering in her field. it follows jane & her little chimpanzee and her dream of making a difference in the lives of animals.

i’m ridiculously excited for what this will stir up in them. and me.


and know what? i am keeping 2 off the list that i read recently (non-fictions) which i loved parts of, but as a whole i don’t really feel necessary to pass along. and instead of giving them a subpar review, i am sticking by the inspo vision of casting positive light into the atmosphere. because my opinion is just my own and there is no need to use it to bring down the art, expression, and work of another. because others will love it and why should i rob either parties of that experience?

happy reading, friends..

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