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I know for a lot of women curling up with a familiar TV show is the perfect end to a busy day, but for me I can’t think of anything more relaxing than a good book. Although, usually about the time the kids have quieted down for the night and the hubby is parked in front of a sporting event (he is more of the “TV variety”), I am faced with a moral dilemma. Do I ignore the unfolded laundry pile (or whatever it is I have avoided that day) and pick up the book? And, once I do pick up the book, do I disappear in its pages for a couple hours at the expense of sleep or aforementioned laundry folding? Do you relate?

I think this is all to say that I cannot afford the time to read “a bad book.” I never ever pick up a book that hasn’t come recommended, and since several friends are avid readers I don’t usually lack in book recommendations. One source of my reading referrals is blogger Shay Shull, who diligently reads 5 or so books a month and then writes up a very brief summary of each one. She has fairly eclectic taste, so I appreciate her “monthly book review” because she often references a book I haven’t run across.

Then I usually take her suggestions and order it for my Kindle (if I am feeling frivolous) or dutifully call the library to put the title on hold (if I am feeling practical…which, in the end, isn’t practical at all since I tend to return books past their due and accrue an embarrassing number of library fines.) (I am not joking about the embarrassing cost of library fines I have tallied up over the years…I heard recently that our local library is adding a café in their children’s section and I can only imagine it will be named after me since I undoubtedly funded it.)

I digress. Here is Shay’s book review (and photos). Please comment below if any of them strike your fancy.

April Book Review

A very suspenseful mystery, a memoir, a French diet, a World War II book, a good reminder that we need to not over-commit ourselves and a book about hiking…

Listen friends…this month, I read the most random assortment of books.  Every time I finish a book, I write the title down on a sticky note on my desk and when I went through them this morning, I laughed at the eclectic mix that was my reading for April.  I’m pretty sure there is at least one book on this list that you will enjoy…and thanks to you guys because three of the six books were recommendations directly from your comments in previous posts.  Thank you so very much!!
So, you guys told me to read The Girl on the Train and oh my goodness, I couldn’t put it down!  Many of you knew I liked Gone Girl, so you recommended this one and honestly, I liked it better than Gone Girl.  This book was really suspenseful but not as mean.  If you’ve read Gone Girl then you know what I’m talking about…that book is really suspenseful and kind of mean.  I read this book pretty quickly (not as quickly as book #6 but fast!).  If you like suspense and if you liked Gone Girl, then I highly recommend this one.
And because I have a love affair with books about French culture, you ladies told me to read French Women Don’t Get Fat.  This book had a lot of funny little tidbits and anecdotes about French women which made me love it so much.  I also liked that the author included recipes that help her stay trim and slim.  If you’ve enjoyed my other French picks, then you need to read this one too. I already bought the sequel to this book!  I’ll let you know after I read that one too.
I don’t know Jessica Turner but I want her to be my friend.  I read the first page of The Fringe Hours and thought she was speaking directly to my soul.  This is an amazing book about finding time for yourself, how we need to say no to even really good things and how we should put ourselves and our nuclear family first.  I read this book along with my Bible study this month and was truly blessed by her encouragement to just do the best we can and to keep our priorities in check.  This is a good book for any woman but especially moms with kids at home.  Read. It. Moms.  Read it.  I highly, highly recommend it!

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