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have we mentioned that inspo is a place of positivity, inspiration, and inclusivity? and we like to feature anyone who agrees with that manifesto. we have a couple of regulars who happen to be insanely good at what they do and regularly speak the inspo tongue and use their inspo art. Meet…

headshot-1024x682regina barker. nutritionist, lifestyle, recipe contributor.

From Denmark to Australia to NYC to London, Regina brings an incredible perspective to her art. From a logistical side of things, she studied Nutritional Medicine at the Australian College of Natural Therapies (ACNT) in Sydney, Australia and then completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutritional Health Science in New York City and worked as a nutritionist for one of the world’s leading health & weight loss companies for 3 years. While living in NYC, she also started up a nutrition project for children in a nonprofit organization, called The Jubilee Center. And now she’s channeled all of that (and motherhood!) into providing healthy & tasty recipes on her own blog and for us at inspo. And from a positive lens for the modern woman perspective? Regina has an incredible gift of encouragement and is a blessing to all those in her path. She exudes style, love, class and care. Her beauty & talent is surpassed only by the depth of her service and her heart. Most of the recipes featured here on inspo, they come from Regina. Her blog really is Nyoutritious and her inspo posts can all be found here.


photo 2carly brust. editor, creativity curator.

Carly Brust has been typing out stories as long as she can remember…she can still smell the typewriting ink that permeated from her grandmother’s typewriter down on that dusty desk in the basement. Carly would escape there to punch out her story – usually some pointless rambling with all its typos in plain view (that “backspace” button never really worked properly on typewriters).

A few years later she kicked the typewriter to the curb and packed her bulky desktop PC (wow she is dating herself) to attend Cedarville University. She got her B.A. in Organizational Communication Arts but more importantly met the midwest boy she was going to marry. Originally from the East Coast, the Chicago native convinced her to marry him and move (in the dead of summer) to Illinois. (A wintertime move may have yielded different results. Seriously, it’s frigid there!)
She is now a married mom of four living in Wheaton, a suburb of Chicago. Writing is still her escape but it comes in small pockets of time between “mom” duty and part-time work as a freelance marketing and print designer. Carly’s favorite things are stayte nights with her hubby (stay-at-home dates, after the kids are tucked in bed), long walks to the candy shop with the kids, and “girls nights” out for drinks and dessert.


blaire greenwood. financial professional & contributor.
She began her career over 10 years ago at Greenwood Financial Group, learning about the financial world as part of the family business. Her love affair with Wall Street began at 7 years old when her dad took her to New York Stock Exchange for the first time. It was at that moment that she realized that this crazy, passionate industry was something that she had to be at part of.
As she grew and expanded her knowledge in all aspects of comprehensive financial planning, she began to feel burdened for women who seemed to lag behind their male counterparts in their financial knowledge. It has become a passion of hers for women to be fully educated, prepared, and knowledgeable about their financial picture, hence the creation of The Market Confidential, a website dedicated to furthering the education of women, their finances, professional style, and more. She believes in the power of knowledge and she believes in women. Combine the two and you’ve got one empowered woman. That’s her goal. 
In her free time, Blaire loves to paddleboard, travel (Colorado is her 2nd love), spoil her nephew, golf, eat southern comfort food (which also means she loves to run. or has to. whatever.), and be with her family. She’s a big supporter of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes and Compassion International, two ministries that are very close to her heart.
You can follow Blaire on Instagram here and Twitter here. You can follow The Market Confidential on Instagram here. And all of Blaire’s posts can be found here.

1459904_727418581963_413031269_nmandy odle. make-up artist, beauty contributor.

To Mandy, art has been a passion from a very young age. And makeup is simply a way to express a form of art in her life and in the lives of other women. Mandy’s makeup artistry experience includes working with beauty legends like Hollywood’s beloved Pati Dubroff and Dr. Neil Sadick, one of the world’s most respected dermatologists based out of NYC. She served on the Dior beauty team for over 5 years and is regularly called on by global retailers Nordstrom & Saks Fifth Avenue for beauty events and fashion shows. One of her greatest honors was to be an artist for the Rag and Bone fall 2011 runway show in Troy, MI. Mandy is equal parts passionate, kind, gifted and beautiful. She gets fired up about using her make-up artistry to inspire women and empower them to enjoy & embrace their beauty. Make-up or not. Most of the make-up tips, product reviews and beauty industry ideas, those come from Mandy. Her blog is MandyOdle and inspo posts can all be found here.

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