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Have you seen this? Rent the Runway. A U.S. based company that allows consumers to rent high-end designer fashions for events- at rates they can actually pay. It’s like having a girlfriend or sister with the most remarkable closet in the world. And you don’t have to feel at all guilty asking her to borrow something. And it allows you to try out a new style without overcommitting financially or stylistically. This company came on to my radar recently and ever since digging in, I’m mucho impresso! They are committed to a joyful approach to their work, cutting edge technology and opening up a new market in the fashion world.

There is so much out there about how the internet is wreaking havoc on so many industries- music, journalism, relationships, fashion. And then there are those that are embracing the change and adapting practices that capitalize on the beauty of this highly connected world. I’m so inspired when I see those who are stepping up.

Check out their process:

1)  Partnering


We’re constantly signing new designers to expand our ever-growing roster. To give access to remarkable luxury experiences, our team builds exclusive relationships with many of the world’s premier designers, always ensuring we have the most beautiful, in-demand items for every season.


2)  Engineering


To help customers find the right dresses and accessories amidst nearly 65,000 items on our site and app, we leverage a huge amount of fit data. Engineering products like “Our Runway” allows women to be inspired by dresses worn by other real women like them — not models.



3)  Fulfilling


All orders are processed through our 150,000-sq. ft. fulfillment center. Our proprietary high-speed reverse-logistics system allows us to turn items around in record time, usually within one day. No other company on earth has the infrastructure to process as fast. And no one else can do it with luxury inventory.


4)  Returning


Each dress and accessory returns to our fulfillment center, where every item is inspected by experts, dry cleaned in an industrial-size machine and steam-pressed (we have the largest dry cleaning operation in the U.S.). A seamstress then re-inspects each item, ensuring it’s as perfect as it was out of the box.


5)  Learning


With every click, delivery, return and step along the way, we gather an insane amount of data, informing every decision our company makes. Through the power of analytics, we’re perpetually tweaking our model to make everything we do faster, smarter, easier and nimbler.


READ MORE ABOUT THEM HERE. (PS, This is not a paid advertisement, just a genuine fan….)


When you are ready to venture into London, team Rent the Runway, please count me in! And so many designers based in this vibrant city.

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