secrets- Kacey Lake

a couple of months ago i was out on a run through hyde park. it was a beautiful saturday morning and the roads and lawns were covered in families and blankets, sightseers and locals. really my favorite time to run- bobbing & weaving thru the crowds. soaking up the energy and the life. and as i was taking it all in, i saw a woman dressed as a boob run past.

and then another. and then a massive crowd of women dressed in pink and tutus and all sorts of flamboyant garb. yep, a breast cancer awareness run. and i got the chills. the special kind that are set apart for women banding together and making a difference. i was running the opposite direction on the total outskirts of the run when i got this urge.

i should do what? oh no, that would just be silly. really? fine…

and i changed my route so that i was much closer to this beautiful group of women. still running against the flow. and i began clapping and cheering and “wooooo!”-ing and high-fiving sisters as they ran by. all i know is my headphones were loud and my “wooooo!”s were louder.

and what makes this little story that much better is that the people i was cheering on, i don’t think they really got me. a handful smiled and high-fived me back, but the other hundreds? ignored or perhaps felt annoyed or just were too focused to notice my antics.

but i kept on.

and as i left the park and ran down queens gate back home, the thought crossed my mind that i should save this little story as a secret. as a believer in Jesus Christ, i believe the Holy Spirit of God lives within me and speaks to me. and i believe that the little urge to do this was from the Spirit. all of them are, really. “this could be our little secret…” i thought.

however, i got home and spilled it out before i even said hello to my lover. and my husband just gave me the sweet smile and eye roll. the one that pretends to think i am crazy but i know actually appreciates who i am.

secret spilled…

and now that it’s out, i can tell you all this story, too. but it has got me thinking a lot more recently about these little secrets that we can have for ourselves or with whatever or whomever you believe resides within you on a spiritual level. and how sweet & intimate that is. and how character-building and purposeful it is. because it’s a rush to share it with people- and there certainly are stories that are meant to be shared!- but what if there are some that are made to be confidential? the good things, not just the shameful things.

there is so much richness and sometimes even scandal in this depth of relationship. and i think we are all wired to love depth and a little bit of scandal. how fragrant it is when His confiding is in me and i continue smelling the aroma every time i think on it…

one of the keys to a good friendship is knowing secrets, right? and that’s one thing God is showing me right now. these little treasures of joy and simplicity and laughter that are just between the 2 of us.


  1. by regina on October 5, 2015  4:45 pm Reply

    This made me smile... (the wide kind). Because it's so you, and its so amazing. I love how you don't care, but love to have a laugh with yourself - and sometimes at yourself. It's a top quality!

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