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Carly here!

My sister Kimberly received all the domestic genes in my family. I am not sure where I went wrong, but Kim can cook, sew, entertain, and even do a proper French braid (my daughters always lament that I can’t duplicate Aunt Kim’s impeccable hair technique). She is a domestic diva!

When Kim presents a quilt that she’s made (yes- a quilt) or tiles my bathroom (yes – tiles), I feel inspired to dig deep into my gene pool for some shred of hope that I could take baby steps at such endeavors. And that is why something like this – a blog post announcing an e-course on sewing from A Beautiful Mess – draws me in!  See those words in the description? An easy-to-understand practical guide. Easy? I can do easy!

I will be sewing my own clothes and mailing packages of scarves and hot pads to Kim in no time!

Check out the e-Course description right here, developed by A Beautiful Mess:

Sew with us E-Course is Here!

Today we are SO excited to share our latest e-course with you—Sew With Us!

Rachel Denbow and Katie Shelton have been developing this course for nearly a year now. Our goal has been to create an easy-to-understand practical guide to sewing beautiful home decor and pretty fashion projects for yourself. The course is taught through text, step-by-step photos, and four videos that teach different skills throughout the course.

Sew a dress

You can read the full details about the course here, including a description of all 25 original lessons (and a bonus!), but here are a few highlights. If you feel you need to start from the beginning, you’ll find lessons on getting familiar with your machine (including a video tutorial for threading shown on two different types of home sewing machines), sewing feet, basic stitches, and a quick guide to fabrics. If you feel you’re ready to move past the basics and get into the projects, you can dive right in and learn to make your own clothing (with patterns or from making your own pattern!), throw pillows, curtains, pillow cases, sleeping bags, how to add different kinds of zippers and much more! By the time you’ve made it through all the lessons, you’ll be feeling like a pro.


You’ll also learn practical and useful skills like how to make your own bias tape and how to alter clothing to fit YOU. The course also encourages you to get creative with your fabric choices, and we have an entire lesson dedicated to showing you how to hand-stamp textiles so you can personalize any project.


{words & photos courtesy of A Beautiful Mess}

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