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She has curves and stretch marks. Meet ‘normal Barbie.’- Washington Post

happy monday morning! what better way to start out the week than with some real beauty. yup, barbie with average lady proportions. and all put together by a man. pittsburgh graphic designer, nickolay lamm. enjoy this washington post article, refreshing perspective, and (my personal favorite) anti-photoshopping video at the end.

from the washington post:

She has curves and stretch marks. Meet ‘normal Barbie.’

She has cellulite, no makeup and a few extra pounds around the hips!

Forget bony, perky and perfect Barbie. Meet “normal Barbie”! She even comes with stickers where you can place a zit, some stretch marks or a scratch.

Pittsburgh graphic designer Nickolay Lamm told The Washington Post that he created the Lammily doll because he wanted to send a message that “reality can be beautiful.”


{photo & article courtesy of WashingtonPost.com}

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