Six Years in Paris- Making Magique

paris always exudes magic. especially through the eyes of haleigh at making magique….




Six years have come and gone just like that here. How they could feel so long and go so quick all at once is the mystery of life. Your twenties is when you feel like your own life as an adult really begins, but there’s still everything left to figure out. What an adventure…really. When I began this one moving to Paris six years ago I had no idea what I was in for. In hindsight, had I known things would be as hard as they have been for me here at times I don’t know if I would have done it, which would have been a shame because I also could not have imagined they would be so fruitful. Being naïve and strong and brave all at once is where the magic seems to happen at this time in life. More than half of the time it won’t come up roses, but when it does you will love it that much  more. To celebrate this week I bought myself six pink roses, one for each year since I moved here. I also thought I would share six lessons I’ve learned, as talking about life below the surface is the greatest joy I get writing for you all here…



1. Your twenties are not throwaway years. This works in more ways than one, for both work and the rest of life. How can we ever know what we want if we don’t try things? Don’t wait to start making some real life or put things off. Just jump in. Travel, try different jobs, date different kinds of people. Experience is everything. The more we know the more we can know what we really want. In life that may change, I don’t necessarily believe there is one “career” for a person, one person, one place, those things can change your whole life. If you find one of the above you don’t like, don’t waste time. Move on. Inversely, if you find something that works, a job, an apartment, a boyfriend, don’t wait to get serious about it.  It’s never too soon to start looking for and living the life you want when you find it. You will never be as young or as ready as you are now, how paradoxical that may sound.



2. You simultaneously know nothing and much more about…


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