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i have been a fan of the fine ladies over at babyccino kids for a long time. their impeccable style, au natural approach to everything, and the positive tone they always seem to set. then yesterday, i came across this post. and my love & appreciation grew even more. i love that there is new light shed on a very discussed topic and i love that emilie, the paris arm of their operation, involved her children in the process of standing up for something she believes in. thank you so much, babycinno kids for all that you do. and thank you emilie for being who you are…

from babyccino kids blog:



hebdo banksy

Last night, as the end of a long day drew to an end, I had the need to jot down a couple of thoughts about the events in Paris since Wednesday. It has been terrifying, horrific, violent, senseless on the one hand… and beautiful, peaceful and full of hope on the other hand. It is very hard to describe what has been going on in this beautiful city of ours over the last few days, so apologies if I ramble. ; )

I wanted to start off by explaining to the non-French contingent the importance of Charlie Hebdo and how much it symbolizes so much of French culture. Here in France…


{words & photo courtesy of Babyccino Kids Blog}

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