vision without sight

what is the safest way to cross busy intersections with absurdly aggressive london drivers?
with your eyes uncovered.
somewhere in between packing up our belongings last year, crossing them over the ocean, unpacking them, and trying to find a spot for everything in a place that does not have a spot for everything, i had misplaced the hood that zips on my winter coat. the coat i have been wearing all winter.
recently, when digging thru the girls’ too small clothes, the hood showed up. oh happy day! the mix of cooler air AND rain requires a winter coat with a hood. and i had been trying to make it work without.
so this morning i was all set. 100% rain on the forecast all morning. nursery school drop-off and MOLO meant about 5 miles on agenda for the day. by foot. in the 100% chance of rain.
very early into our walk, i realized i was in trouble.
as you can see, i couldn’t.
and each time we walked up to an intersection, i had to stop. pull my hood back, look both ways, put it back on (because it was POURING) and then proceed to cross. and on the sidewalks? my apologies to many toes and a handful of backs-of-the-knees that we met.
what i found, however, was that if i relaxed my shoulders while we were walking, i could kind of see. the clarity that comes, when we just relax & release. when we go against the tendency to clench up or carry extra, unnecessary burdens on our shoulders. when our whole body tightens as we prepare to cross unchartered territory. after all, there is burden enough to carry as is, but those extra’s? they totally blind us. and the more we release the ones that we carry, the easier the road ahead is to navigate. there are still speeding cars, but we are more prepared for them.
Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.  And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.  Phil 4:6-7 NIV
and the times that we feel our shoulders rising to our ears the most? those are the times that require a bigger and tougher release. surrender. and the greatest need for vision.
and making a mountain out of a molehill. a short story, really long… that could easily be solved with the purchase of a new winter jacket? it all had me thankful to be a girl, this morning.
(i’m about to get totally sidetracked) but last night i sat down to fold little laundry. no I didn’t mean a little laundry. little laundry. “little laundry” is the tedious work of holding mini pants and shirts that can’t pile on top of each other because they are so mini that the center of gravity gets thrown off way too quickly. so little laundry requires lots of space and patience and many, many piles and adorable panties.
i enjoy a brainless show on little laundry nights. i queued up netflix and settled (literally) for real housewives of nyc. however, Someone was looking out for me because it would not load. again and again. and again. stuck at 97%. i ended up on TedTalks: Womanhood.
and as far as the polar opposite of what i set out to watch, this delivered.
so today, as i walked and remembered to release my shoulders away from my ears, when i consciously had to choose posture for our safety. Neck long, back straight, chest up & out. i remembered some of those passionate talks.
i pictured the posture of girls. girls who feel like they need to hide. like they need to be shorter or thinner or smaller or more together or more serious or less “different” or less damaged or smarter or less smart or one of the other many disappearing reasons. i pictured young privileged girls who may struggle with self-esteem or worth. young women who can’t conceieve or those that do conceive and then meet post-partum depression or inadequacy. oppressed girls who may struggle with abuse or slavery. underprivileged girls who deal with hunger or lack of education. all of the walks of girls with all of the spectrum of problems that may cause them to hide.
and i thought about how much beauty is in each of those girls. and how much clearer vision could & would be if they were able to release. to be able to hear affirming words from someone, and then release. allow their shoulders to relax so that they could better see to handle the battles and joys ahead.
allowing them to be fully them. allowing ourselves to be fully ourselves. fully how we were created to be.
fully girl.
(seriously, you should watch that.)
and i’m really excited to not buy a new winter coat with a working hood.

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  1. by meganstannard on January 24, 2014  11:19 pm Reply

    So good! and ironic that i text my mum the other day (after approaching the guy playing a hymn on one of the pianos in Kings cross, and thanking him through tears): "WHY am i so emotional"....
    well, now I can answer my own question. I'm emotional because God made me a girl, and I LOVE IT.

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