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Memorial Day Weekend kicks off summer in the United States (although more importantly, it’s a very meaningful holiday to remember servicesmen and women who died during active service in the U.S. military). This May, my family took a vacation to the mountains and it was very beautiful and truly relaxing. For most of us, though, I would say a vacation is synonymous with a trip to the beach. There is just nothing quite as calming as the sound of waves crashing to the shore or as relaxing as sand under your feet. Which is why I had to check out Travelette’s post on the Top 10 Beaches Around the World. I have only been to one of the top 10, which means I have a very busy summer ahead of me.



10. Hvide Sande, Denmark

Not the first place that pops into your head when you think of beaches, is it? And yet, Denmark surprised me again and again with extremely wide beaches with awesome waves and spectacular sunsets. Fun fact: bonfires by the beach are legal! Can you smell those roasted marshmellows yet…?


9. Antalya, Turkey

I think the picture below says it all – I have never come across more delicious, that’s right, Delicious ocean water anywhere than in Turkey. September is probably the best time of year to come here when the water has the perfect temperature, tourism is no longer peaking and the weather is the best in all of Europe. Though you will not find white sand at the private Mermerli beach, what’s not to love about grabbing a lounge chair set right inside the water?


8. Pismo Beach in San Luis Obispo, California

It wasn’t summertime when I came here but that didn’t stop me from digging my naked feet into the sand. The wide open shore, the seagulls, the wind blowing in my hair – all this has a magical healing effect and I imagine that everyone who lives here is healthy and happy all the time.



7. Carparica Beach in Lisbon, Portugal

In all honesty, there are many Portuguese beaches that deserve a mention and i’m sure you can almost not go wrong by making Portugal your beach holiday option of choice. The Algarve has famous and stunning beaches of course, but Lisbon and Porto are home to some seriously stunning stretches of sand. I had a wonderful time making my way to Caparica Beach, a €12 cabride across the bridge from central Lisbon. Gentle waves, clean water and always an icecream parlour in walking distance.


6. Port Douglas, Australia

I would not dare make a top 10 list of beaches and not include Australia in it. Chances are I would be refused entry for the rest of my life. Australia and Queensland in particular have a set of truly stunning beaches and the one in Port Douglas, which by the way extends over 4 miles, just might take the cake.



{All photos courtesy of Travelettes)

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