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if you see me out on a run or at the barre studio, chances are, my hair is in a top knot. ok, or doing a school run or hurrying to a ballet class OR monday-friday. this list, however, has added a few creative ideas to my line-up. and i’m particularly fond of the headband braid. do you have a go-to workout hair style?

from Leta Shy for FitSugar:


The Best Hairstyles For Your Workout



Sometimes, as much as you pin, twist, or otherwise secure your hair before a workout, it still manages to fall out at exactly the wrong time during a run or a stint on the elliptical. Having the right hairstyle is important when it comes to a great workout, so the next time you’re at the gym, try one of these hairstyles that will keep your focus on your workout and not what’s happening on your head.

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