The Spiritual Discipline of Wearing Better Pants- Chatting at the Sky

this is one of my favorite posts i’ve read in awhile! emily freeman over at chatting at the sky, she sure knows how to share her heart. i love this idea of stripping ourselves of the disciplines that are no longer heart felt actions and allow ourselves to be led in more meaningful and Spirit-led ways. like listening to the things that don’t make us feel good (in this case, too small pants…) and then doing something about it. goodness me, i needed to read this one and have my own DTR with my closet…

from chatting at the sky:

The Spiritual Discipline of Wearing Better Pants


A spiritual discipline may be something we do, but it may also be something we abstain from doing. For years now I’ve been writing under the tagline creating space for your soul to breathe, and I’m finally beginning to understand what that means. With the discipline of silence and solitude, I abstain from worry and hurry, teaching my body what it feels like to undo rather than always do.

But y’all, this weekend I took the disciplines to a new level as I began to sift through my clothes. I found some jeans I love in the bottom of my drawer, pulled them on and continued to tidy up around the house.

Ever so slightly…


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  1. by Larissa on January 22, 2015  4:06 am Reply

    LOVE THIS! Great pick, Kacey:)

  2. by Chellena on January 29, 2015  4:34 am Reply

    A really great post. So thought provoking on the idea of engaging in spiritual disciplines that are meaningful to us and spur us on in our walk. Will be tossing this one around in my quiet time this week. Thanks for sharing Kacey!

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