The Stripped Project

hey guys! kacey, here.

have you seen this “stripped project” initiative? a beautiful young lady, jordan zobrist, had the vision to portray some popular women in the blogging & social media world using just her camera. and by just her camera, i mean without makeup, without retouches, without forgiving filters. and it’s absolutely beautiful. it got me thinking how blogging- something that started out as being more “real world” than the mass media publications and productions, has kind of taken on a not very real “real world” at all. we’ve allowed our creative touches and our innate desire to be liked, our egos- to filter our personas and our photos. making it seem like even those in the “real world” have it all together all the time with perfect diets, successful endeavors, effortless style, and perfectly behaved children. shhh, quiet!!!! mommy is trying to work… i mean…

i love seeing some ladies that i have only seen put together in the chicest of outfits and as the face of so many ridiculously cool brands in this stripped down way. and just like all of these things, i find them even more beautiful as i see their bravery and read their heartfelt words. gah, why is vulnerability so life-giving but so hard to get to?

i take it as a challenge to expose that side of myself more. and it lights a fire within me to continually be spurring one another one towards challenge and passion and vulnerability. for myself, my daughters, my friends, and not-yet-made friends. using our voices for GOOD and for life. it had me looking through the archives at the #nomakeupmonday i did with some friends several months ago, and how united our hearts were for such a {seemingly} simple cause.

check out jordan’s work. and be sure to encourage this sister for her vision and her gift. i, for one, am so thankful.

{photos courtesy of The Stripped Project}

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