The “V” word- The Tapestry

the tapestry is a gorgeous collaboration of women sharing their hearts and words for an october writing challenge- (and definitely deserves checking back this month!) this post on vulnerability struck an extra sensitive chord in me. i love to get to the deep & hard-to-say with friends and other women. challenge, growth. as it can feel so uncomfortable to do it, but so good having done it.

from the tapestry:


I have been told the difference between transparency and vulnerability is invitation. Both require living openly and honestly. Both require a degree of bravery and humility. Both bring freedom and are born out of a desire to be known. Both are truly admirable traits.

When someone lives a transparent life they bring freedom and light to the people around them. They’re brave enough to be honest about their story and struggles and that is no small thing. But when we are transparent there isn’t a whole lot at risk. We can talk about our sin as if it’s in the past. That way, if we feel judged it’s a lot easier to let it roll off our backs. We can talk about our struggles from a few steps back and act as though we’ve got it covered. We can even talk about the mess we currently find ourselves in without ever placing ourselves in a vulnerable position. A position where we put ourselves at risk of true rejection…


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