This Photographer Perfectly Captures the Hectic Craziness of Raising Kids- BuzzFeed

my husband just spent 2 full weeks with us- us: pregnant wife & 3 kids under 5. without work. and (just a little bit surprisingly) it was amazing. we talked several times about how hard it can be during the regular workweek for him to go back & forth between the hats he wears as well as come mid-step into the groove that we get into around the house while he is away. but when he was around? he was so in-tune with the heart beat of our home and it was such a healthy time for our marriage and our family. and it has truly refreshed us to get back into the work/school/actual demands of life. all that said, i received this link from him last night. with nothing else written in the body of the email… like i said, VERY in tune with the heartbeat of our home…

from buzzfeed:

This Photographer Perfectly Captures The Hectic Craziness Of Raising Kids

“lol honey, remember that time we basted the baby?”

New York based photographer Danielle Guenther knows your life.


The photographer told BuzzFeed Life that the idea came together organically — she was finishing up a lifestyle session with a client who dropped on to the couch with faux exhaustion — which Danielle snapped on instinct.

being a dad


{photos & captions courtesy of BuzzFeed}

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