This Tokyo hostel lets literature lovers bed down behind the bookshelves- Stylist

kacey here.

i went on a field trip with my son’s nursery school to holland park a couple of weeks ago. and i was in on a conversation that was way out of my realm. “yes, when i traveled the world several years ago, i just couldn’t leave tokyo. it’s my favorite city in the world.” “oh yes, how rude and loud do you feel as a westerner when you leave tokyo? it’s so serene.” “hands down, best city in the world!”

one thing i love about living where we live is how diverse and well-traveled everyone else seems to be. one of the things i have to balance in my own head while living where we live? is wanting to GO, SEE, DO everything. including tokyo.

needless to say, i found this little sneak peek into this tokyo hostel extra exciting and wanderlust-worthy…



This Tokyo hostel lets literature lovers bed down behind the bookshelves

book and bed hostel bookshop 2.jpg
Now it’s those lucky enough to visit or live in Tokyo inspiring jealousy in literature lovers with the opening of an “accommodation bookshop” in the Japanese capital.Book and Bed in the Ikebukuro district of the city offers beds that at first glance might seem standard hostel fare – reasonably priced, no frills compartments in the same tiny dimensions seen all over Tokyo.

book and bed tokyo japan hostel

More than 1,700 books are yours for the reading

But this particular budget hotel has 12 of its 30 beds tucked away behind shelves housing more than 1,700 books, allowing bookworms to read to their heart’s content before dozing away happily among their favourite tomes.Each compartment has a power source, curtain for privacy, free WiFi and an all-important book light allowing guests to read all night long should they so desire.


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