to paris. the other side.

i spent a formidable handful of months living in paris when i was 21 years old. i look back on the time with a juxtaposition of feelings- excitement, passion, growth, loneliness, invigoration, maturity, immaturity, spiritual growth, emotional growth. my emotions were close to the surface as i was vulnerable with stars in my eyes, exploration on my horizon and a foreign experience underway. let’s go with invigorating…
i remember moments where i wanted it all to be done. i wouldn’t have traded anything in the world for where i was or what i was getting to experience… but with any good thing, it had moments of hardship as well. i missed my boyfriend (now husband), i missed familiarity, i missed coffee creamer, i remember nights of just plain sadness. and i’ve been thinking about how we often just long to be on the other side of things, good or bad. we know that the hardship we are in will produce a strength and maturity that we could not get any other way.
and i’ve been thinking a lot about this elusive “other side.” how much trying to figure out why we are where we are or worrying about when the “other shoe is going to drop” or “what happens if…” keeps us from fully being in the present moment and learning every single lesson or experience every single joy possible within it. like this blog? i have thought about how much i want to have it a be a lighthearted place with fun to-do’s in our new city. a place where i share links to intelligent articles and post super artistic pictures and funny quips and thought-provoking insights.
…alas, here’s another introspective post about a few of the things that God has swirling around in my head and heart. and i’m declaring now, that i’m going to stay in this while He has me here. i’m not going to try to explain this heightened emotive state or try to figure out how and when to get to the other side. right here. because, really, what’s better than putting a little bit of your soul out there for anyone anywhere to read…
{and i’m certain that in this state, even tastebuds are heightened.}
in this state, my heart is extra sensitive to other women sharing their open honest hearts. i camp out on blogs like this one, this one, and this one. and in this state i’m better able to fully embrace and appreciate her love. because the true gift of a best friend is made even more clear, when God uses her as a reminder to you of His love. and i haven’t been able to show her fully how much this has been the case, but maybe one day i will.
because apparently paris brings out my even more touchy feely side.
and we explored the city like champs. like non-french speaking, playground hunting, stroller pushing, kids squealing/ screaming/ giggling/ crying/ wandering champs. and it was a different paris than i knew before in many ways.
and i am so thankful to be on this side of paris.
and for the sake of city to-do’s…
i would recommend doing this in paris with kids. the kids ALL loved it (1-4 years old).
and when your eldest wants to climb the eiffel tower one of the days, there are a couple of amazing playgrounds behind the tower, champs de mars where the littler ones can ride carousels, play in sand, pick up rocks and chase baby birds. if your 2 1/2 year olds are into that sort of thing…
and we always eat here. and walk/run/gallup the champs-elysees after.
and do date night al fresco overlooking the tower here.
and just walk. everywhere. and if you can, do it with your lover. it leads to some amazing, unfiltered and vulnerable conversation. and if you are on the same page with your spouse, all else is well in the world.

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