Trump’s hot mic and Michelle Obama’s response

like you, i was outraged when i listened to donald trump’s recorded comments of sexually assaulting women and what he can do to women thanks to his “power” and fame. i was sick to my stomach for my own reasons and even more so for those of my children. and as american living abroad, i am- yet again- embarrassed that the U.S. is represented by this figure in the race for leader of my home country. “really?” people ask sadly or mockingly…

and while there is no shortage of outrage posted all around about the comments (these and others) that this man is saying, i think it would be irresponsible to just assume that others will speak out. because whether the media has a tilt or a bias, what we are dealing with right now are recorded comments of the true state of this man’s heart & mind. the belief that as a man, he has the right to satisfy his own urge for pleasure with the body of a female. the belief that a woman is a thing that he can sexualise- even without her consent. the underlying belief that that is what a woman is worth. the belief that even if he doesn’t actually believe these things, it is appropriate to joke about it. and these comments are just another example of this behaviour. towards women, towards mexicans, towards muslims, the list goes on.

and the ignorance to just follow the ugliest part of our culture instead of thinking for himself and from a betterment of the world perspective is incomprehensible. i hear (some) solid points in his speeches but i hear so much louder the person that he is when the comments are not written for him. and for me, i was pushed over the edge last week. yes, his comments got me right up to the edge.. but then i was taking driving lessons to get my UK license. and my very crass instructor began talking about trump and how everyone is making such a big deal but how that’s really just how men are and he didn’t mean any harm and men are just animals and look at all these other things that the clinton’s have gotten into and look at how trump approaches this and that… and for a second there, i backed down and allowed myself to think that maybe that is just how things are. men are. and then my stomach turned and ended up in my throat. this is NOT the world we live in. men are not just like this. and it is a terrible injustice to them and to women to allow this type of thinking and acting to prevail.

and this is all just a long-winded intro to michelle obama’s speech at a campaign rally in new hampshire last week. because it was brilliant and brought me to tears. and it was honest and from a refreshing perspective. i am so thankful that so many media outlets are picking up this speech and playing it over and over again. and i am so thankful for a woman like her to step in and articulate what so many of us are feeling. that good people like her and barack were elected into office to represent and speak out on behalf of the american people. the men in my life don’t speak like that either, michelle. and i’m wildly passionate about keeping it that way.

(lead photo courtesy of @FLOTUS twitter handle)

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